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“Master KJ and staffs always respectful, patient, thoughtful, kind, and teach more than martial arts. At the young age of six my son has learned the positive results of hard work and persistence. His confidence has soared under their tutelage, as he has developed skill, strength, flexibility, and courage. They impart the importance of discipline and good behavior in Taekwondo, at home, in school, and beyond. Our family feels so very blessed to have found this truly excellent program.”

Janine Webb

Fairfield, CT

“Not only has his athleticism improved, but so too has his confidence, his ability to focus, and his determination in working hard toward a goal.  Master KJ and the instructors have a gift for challenging the students to realize their potential while simultaneously making the lessons engaging and fun.”

Lisa Kwon (Mom to Hayden and Elyse)

Fairfield, CT

“My son has developed an incredible sense of self-confidence and focus..  into a strong athlete whom has competed and medaled, at the State level for Taekwondo. His forms are precise, self-defense is quick, and overall fitness level is impressive.  He has learned to be more responsible and respectful young man Taekwondo has become a part of his world and we love it! We have loved it WCT! Master KJ and instructors are truly amazing. They have the ability to balance skill work while having fun! I highly recommend World Champion Taekwondo!”

Chris and Gina Mach

Fairfield, CT

“The School has transform my child she is confident stronger and follows directions well.
The staff is exceptional! Very patient, Kind, loving and supportive.
I am surprised by my child ability to succeed and pass belt tests. Excellent school and Staff.”

Parent: Lilia

Student: Anissa (Pre-K 4)

“A wonderful school with talented instructors, they are caring and sensitive to each student needs.
My son has been more focused and respectful since starting this school, Most of all he has a smile on his face when it’s time to go to World Champion TaeKwonDo.”

Parents: John & Kelly

Student: Leo (Pre-K 3)

“I joined the school a year ago with my second degree black belt. Ever since, there hasn’t been a day I came here where I was not challenged. Master KJ and the instructors here have a vast amount of knowledge and skill. I’m currently training for US OPEN with Master KJ and the team. Not only does he teach, he trains and competes as well; which in my eyes in one of the best benefits of this school. He continues to train so that he may bring back greater knowledge and flourish it within the school.”

Michael S.

Adult Black Belt

“Thank you for the wonderful lessons in TaeKwonDo! In yourclass Ross learns more thank quick moves and powerful kicks. He also learns discipline of course, but most of all I see simple, but powerful Life Lessons you teach while having fun too! It is so comforting for me to drop him off with your class and I always know he is in good hands. You have a real gift for working with the kids!”

Mrs. Johanson

Mother of teen

“Luke is a kind member of our class! One example of Lukes respectfulness is that he always makes sure out classroom manipulative are put away after each lesson, that way we will be able to use them again.”

Sharnen P.

Fairfield School Teacher

“Anthony Caserta is an excellent student who takes a great pride in following school rules and helping his peers and teachers!”

Susan M.

Fairfield School Teacher

“Riley Pereira always raises his hands when he has something to say during large group instruction, so he can take turns talking and be respectful to his classmates.”

Mr. F

Fairfield School Teacher